Lucene2Objects goes public!

I’ve been asked a couple times to release the Lucene2Objects code out in the wild and it was the intention all the way, but I didn’t had the proper time to do it, not the proper bandwidth.
The new Lucene2Objects has a couple new changes and it’s more lightweight than the first versions since it doesn’t depends on Ninject anymore. Feel free to browse the code, leave issues or just email me with any problem you have.
If you are using Lucene2Objects, let me know as I want to know if it’s been useful out there.

All the best,

Source codes available on Github

Finally I’ve managed to setup my Github account and I can put my examples there, let’s hope that now I can start documenting other projects to be able to share them.

If you find any project on my Github account and I haven’t been able to create the related blog post, or the project documentation is null, feel free to contact me and I’ll try to reply ASAP. Thanks to all the folks commenting and reading the blog!