The status of Lucene2Objects

After some time without being able to work into it, I’ve managed to put some time into Lucene2Objects again. First thing I did on my last session was to work on separating the attributes from the actual Lucene2Objects project for a very simple reason that was brought to my attention by a fellow user of the library. Currently if you want to annotate your entities on your domain project, you will have to import the Lucene2Objects library into the domain project, thus adding a dependency on the library and on Lucene .NET and on Lucene Contrib project which is used for importing several analyzers and any other dependencies these might bring along. Now, for a domain project, which is supposed to have as less dependencies as possible, this is very heavy duty, hence the need for a separation (of concerns if you will).

The basic idea that I followed on this new update was to separate the project into 2 different libraries, one very light containing the attributes with no dependencies at all and the actual library. Obviously this will make me create another package, which I will do it very soon, but will hopefully allow people to integrate easily with Lucene2Objects .

My next step is working over adding collection support for Lucene2Objects . I have a few ideas on this and I hope a new version should be done soon, but there is nothing worth pushing now. Hopefully, I will manage to put more time into this from now on, so feel free to let me know if there’s something you’d like to see on Lucene2Objects !

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