SharpLite scaffolding is out! (beta)

This simple post is to show how to gt started using s small Scaffolder I made for SharpLite projects. It takes as input a contoller name and generates the controller to use with a SharpLite repository and the views using the regular Mvc3 scaffolding from Steven Sanderson. As a disclaimer, my code is just some tweaks different from the actual scaffolder from Steven Sanderson, and I haven’t tested it too much so don’t take this as a final product. I will, however keep working on this as time goes by and hopefully we may add some more new stuff!

Ok, enough of that! Just install the package from the NuGet feed…

Install-Package SharpLite.Scaffolding

Fire up your Package Manager Console and assuming you have an entity called Product and you want to make your own controller to manage products, just type:

 Scaffold slController ProductsController 

That’s it! This is a quite quick and dirty Scaffolder, but as I said, I will keep doing some more stuff into it. If you have any doubts or issues, feel free to comment or just send me a mail.

EDIT: For those of you who want to check out the source code of the scaffolders and follow the project, the code is hosted here

2 thoughts on “SharpLite scaffolding is out! (beta)”

  1. I think the dependencies are cause some conflicts, especially the T4Scaffolding which requires an old version. Is it possible to update so that the dependencies require the specified version or higher. I am failing to install in MVC4, VS2012, new mvc project

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